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Free to Download: Simple Business Carbon Footprint Tool

The task: create a useful carbon footprinting tool which fits into a single excel spreadsheet no bigger than an average PC screen.

Get an idea of your footprint today...

I know what you’re thinking: carbon footprinting tools are complicated beasts spread across multiple sheets with conversion factors and incomprehensible  formulae.

Not always. We’ve distilled the necessary info into the absolute bare essentials to allow businesses to calculate their footprint on the basis of their direct emissions including energy, waste, water and business travel. Ok we left some variables out (there’s only two types of car: petrol or diesel) but the tool offers a balanced, accurate and quick way to estimate your carbon footprint for any given period.

Here it is (click to download):

LCA Business Carbon Footprint Tool

You will need Microsoft Excel to use it.

Any questions, just comment below or contact me: alliance@gcns.org.uk

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