The question below relate to the Stirling Low Carbon Alliance, which is the reason this blog exists. Other questions relating more generally to carbon are best answered by the mighty Google.

Q1. What is the Stirling Low Carbon Alliance?
A1. A free membership scheme for businesses in Stirling which has been set up by Going Carbon Neutral Stirling (GCNS) and is specifically designed to help cut costs by cutting unnecessary carbon out of your business.

Q2. Why should I join?
A2. Becoming a member is free and easy and offers a number of benefits:

  • You will gain access to support from GCNS and our partners.
  • You will be supported to develop projects and activities that deliver real cost savings and meaningful carbon reduction.
  • You will be eligible for Low Carbon Alliance Awards, which will help you promote your products/services.
  • You will be invited to exclusive training events to help learn more about environmental topics.

Q3. How much is it?
A3. Completely free. You just need to complete a simple form to become a member. You can do this online today.

Q4. How do I win an award?
A4. By doing environmentally related projects or activities in your business. The more you do, the more points you will receive. You just need to keep us informed so we can tally your points and make sure you get the awards you deserve.

Q5. What does an award look like?
A5. The awards are Bronze, Silver or Gold Footprints. If successful you will receive a certificate, window sticker and electronic image to display in your workplace and website to promote your achievement. To see an award please visit our main award page.

Q6. What kinds of activities or projects can I do?
A6. Anything you like. We have a list of over 200 activities covering recycling, switching lights off, active travel (e.g. cycling), replacing equipment etc. Anything that reduces carbon could count towards an award, so long as you tell us about it.

Q7. What do I get when I join?
A7. You will receive a welcome pack including a booklet with hints, tips and further information. You will also receive a certificate and window sticker to display. Most importantly, you receive a direct line to GCNS HQ, where we will offer you help and support whenever you need it, however small your problem. And, because of our network of specialist advice, if we can’t help you, we will know someone who can.

Q8. Why should I care about my carbon footprint?
A8. Your carbon footprint is essentially a measure of your business’s impact on climate change and global warming, which are widely recognised as major threats to our future. By reducing your carbon footprint you help to minimise your impact on climate change. At the same time you also help to protect yourself from those changes. This is because avoiding carbon emissions means you are less dependent on carbon based fuels, which have volatile prices and unknown availability. So, the more you avoid carbon, the more resilient your business becomes. It’s a virtuous circle.

Please contact us or fill in our online form to become a member.