More “Footprint” Awards for Stirling Businesses

One key component of the Low Carbon Alliance is our awards scheme, through which we recognise and reward achievements in carbon reduction. All businesses joining the Alliance are eligible to apply for “Footprint Points” (which add up to awards) and, so far, around a quarter of businesses joining have sent through details of projects and activities.

The good news today is that two more businesses have passed the threshold for a Bronze Footprint so well done United Auctions and Ricoh GRAM.

Both companies have taken part in a Carbon Cutter Plan with staff to reduce carbon both at home and at work. Example of activities include switch-off check sheets for areas of the business so that staff know what should and shouldn’t be left on. Ricoh GRAM have also used a Carbon Cutter Wall, showing how much carbon each team had managed to cut from their home and work footprints during the project.

The awards work in a very simple way. Businesses fill in a template showing what they have done and what that has achieved. We then assign Footprint Points to the project or activities. These points are totalled up after each application and eventually, provided they keep applying and keep doing activities, the business will reach the threshold for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Footprint.

The Footprint Points required for each level are:

Bronze = 1500 Footprint Points

Silver = 3000 Footprint Points

Gold = 5000 Footprint Points


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