George Monbiot Bashers Get Another Chance (in Stirling)

I have just found out that the well known and respected environmentalist George Monbiot is coming to Stirling, as he has extended his “Left Hook” tour to include our fine city. So anyone who fancies a bit of verbal jousting with a committed lefty should book their seat today.

It's a good job this is a cerebral battle...

“George Monbiot’s Left Hook” will be held on April 1st in the Cottrell Building of Stirling University.

Info from the promotional website:

“The gloves are off for a barnstorming evening of topical debate in which our man Monbiot selects a hot topic for his first half lecture and then invites members of the audience to contest this with him.

In the second half, he throws down the gauntlet to all comers and will take any subject from A to Z as the audience pit their wits against him in bouts of verbal fisticuffs.”

Whether you support or disagree with George (or do a bit of both), this is a rare opportunity to come face to face with one of our pre-eminent thinkers and activists.

Tickets cost £10 and can be bought directly from the MacRobert Centre (01786 466666) or via the Albert Halls booking office (01786 473544) or theTollbooth (01786 274000)

For more information about Mr Monbiot please visit this link.

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