Environmental (Infrastructural) Project Ideas with Costs and Payback Periods

We have had some requests from Alliance members for a list of potential infrastrucural projects so they can look through and choose the ones that suit.

By “infrastructural”, I mean projects that involve changing/upgrading equipment whereas “behavioural” projects change the way people use equipment. For example, a typical behavioural project might encourage people to switch off lights. The infrastructural equivalent would be to install presence-detectors so lights go off automatically when people leave an area. There are good arguments for both. Infrastructural projects generally require less staff time, but can cost more to implement.

A fascinating insight (in my opinion!) into current thinking on behaviour change is here.

Please download the spreadsheet (excel) below for a summary list of projects with costs, savings and payback periods.

Infrastructural Projects with Costs and Payback Period (excel file).

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