What Eating in Season means for Business

The Scottish Government today launched a new campaign to encourage people to Eat in Season, which basically means choosing food that is produced locally.

This is a great idea for a number of reasons:

  1. Local food is less carbon intensive, as it reduces the food miles required to transport the produce to market.
  2. It gets you back in touch with the food heritage of your area. For example, Scotland has some fantastic heritage apple varieties, but how many people know about it? This has a number of knock on benefits of community building and general wellbeing (it’s nice to live in a place that you value).
  3. It’s likely to be fresher and therefore could be more nutritious.
  4. It is likely to have less packaging as packaging tends to be used to protect produce and increase its shelf life.
  5. Supports your local economy.
  6. it helps you become healthier, by choosing natural produce and avoiding over-processed foods (which are generally not seasonal).

Businesses can also reap these benefits by choosing caterers that offer locally sourced food when catering for events or meetings. Using local produce creates an interesting talking point at business functions. We use Raploch Community Campus catering for many of our events which is part of Forth Valley College. Not only is the produce sourced carefully but the chefs are trainees who often come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Could you give extra business to a local caterer using local produce?

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