Make Money with Renewable Energy in Your Business

As energy prices rise, the ability to forecast future energy spend with a degree of certainty becomes more attractive. Combine this with the excellent rates of return possible as a result of the Government’s Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme plus the savings you will make through reduced energy bills and renewable energy is worth seriously considering.

A real life example comes from a company called DMR, a vehicle repair centre in Doncaster, England, who spent £200,000 installing two 18-metre wind turbines which now provide the company with an annual return of £50,000 and generate 165,000 KWh for the business.

It’s not just wind. A range of technologies is available for businesses who own or have a long term lease for their premises and/or surrounding land including wind, solar PV, solar heating, ground or air source heat pumps, anaerobic digesters etc.

The tariffs below are fixed for 20 to 25 years depending on the technology you are using and increase each year based on the retail price index.

  • Solar electricity (PV) ≤4 kW (retro fit): 41.3p / kwh
  • Solar electricity (PV) ≤4 kW (new build): 36.1p / kwh
  • Wind ≤1.5 kW: 34.5p / kwh
  • Wind >1.5 – 15 kW: 26.7p / kwh
  • Micro CHP ≤2kW: 10p / kwh
  • Hydroelectricity ≤15 kW: 19.9p / kwh

A further incentive to act quickly: the FIT scheme is being reviewed in 2013 and payments could fall.

If your business is large enough to fall into the Carbon Reduction Commitment regulations, you could benefit by avoiding some of the £12 per tonne levy on carbon. As an example, if you replaced 100,000 kwh of grid energy with renewable energy, you would avoid roughly 500 tonnes of carbon, thereby saving £6000 from your annual CRC payments.

If you would like information about renewable energy companies working in Stirling who can provide a quote for renewable energy, just let me know. You will get a lot of Footprint Points towards our Low Carbon Awards for installing renewable technology, not to mention the positive press and PR coverage we can help generate for you.

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