Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint Tonight

It’s Friday. Thoughts are naturally turning towards the weekend. What does that mean for most people? It means blow out. Forget the diet and the “drink less” resolutions. Your body craves, no, demands fuity cocktails and salty bar snacks. Then, once the drinks are flowing, you might turn the heating up, put on a hawaiian shirt and dance the Macarena with your labrador under the coloured glow of your living room disco lights. Much later, you might put some oven chips on and doze in front of your electric fire with the TV blaring, whilst empty rooms around your house are lit up like Disneyland.

It might be fun, but it’s gonna cost ya. The next day will feel like a slow crawl through a piranha tank and your next energy bill will be that much higher. Also, the world will be a tiny fraction of a fraction of a degree warmer. Because of you.

So, presuming you want to avoid losing money; having facebook photos of you and a dog in a compromising position and being responsible for the Maldives disappearing, why not take these simple steps:

Drink locally produced beer/cider/wine.

Snack on homemade flapjacks.

Switch your lights and TV off.

Enjoy your weekend.

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