Business Carbon Reducing Actions (with Scores)

Many new members of the Low Carbon Alliance ask for ideas of actions or activities they can get involved with to help them reduce their business carbon footprint.

Kind people that we are, we have compiled a spreadsheet with over 200 actions/activities plus a score to show how highly we value those actions and activities (the higher the score the more points you will get towards our Low Carbon Awards). These are based on several criteria, which haven’t been included in the table below but we can provide more information on this.

If you want to try any or all of these activities and feel you need more help to implement them, please let me know by emailing me at If you haven’t yet joined the Low Carbon Alliance (you do need to join to be eligible for awards) please click here to visit our online form.

Bear in mind that you need the following points for each award:

Bronze Footprint: 1,500 Footprint Points

Silver Footprint: 3,000 Footprint Points

Gold Footprint: 5,000 Footprint Points

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