First Footprint Points Awarded

Following a successful application by Enterprise Rent-a-car we have awarded them Footprint Points towards a Low Carbon Award.

The Stirling branch of Enterprise undertook two projects to save carbon: replacing an old fridge with a more energy efficient model (and recycling the old one) and re-organising their office to make it smaller so they required less heating and lighting. This is on top of a range of energy saving measures they have undertaken in their offices since working with GCNS (although before the Alliance was set up, so not all of them will be eligible under the awards scheme).

At the Low Carbon Alliance we support all activities that save carbon and the Low Carbon Awards scheme is set up in such a way that we can evaluate carbon saving projects, no matter how small, to reward and recognise the efforts of members. The journey to a Carbon Neutral City will clearly take time, but by taking small steps forward continuously we can all contribute to the end goal – a sustainable place to live and work.

As the Alliance grows, we look forward to awarding the first Gold Footprint to a Stirling Business in 2011. I wonder who will be first to cross the line?


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