Are Past Actions Eligible for a Low Carbon Award?

I received a query about the awards process, in which I was asked whether actions and projects carried out before a business became a member of the Alliance would be eligible for Low Carbon Awards.


You know you want one...

The answer to this is, essentially, a resounding yes!

However, there are a few caveats…

The Low Carbon Awards have been set up to encourage carbon reduction, not reward the status quo. So actions which were completed in the past which offered a one-off or fixed carbon saving are not likely to be eligible. An example of this would be installing low energy lightbulbs. On the other hand, if a policy was introduced two years ago which still requires active intervention by staff and management to ensure it keeps making the savings, it is very much eligible. An example of this would be a light switch-off campaign.

The basic distinction is this:

1. Active carbon reduction: eligible.

2. Passive carbon reduction: ineligible.

In reality, projects which involved infrastrucutural changes (replacing equipment) which took place prior to joining the Alliance are the least likely to be eligible. Everything else is worth including in your application forms.

Remember as well, the Footprint Points are cumulative so sending through details of lots of low scoring projects (i.e. small-scale, low impact) is as good as sending through one crowd stopper (although perhaps not as much fun for us!).

I look forward to receiving your application forms. Not yet a member? Join here.

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